The human-centered product development studio

We're a tribe of artists, designers, engineers, product managers and creative directors who love art and technology. We believe:

  • Artists and technologists are master communicators
  • Better business starts within
  • Long-term partnerships are essential for business
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Our purpose:

  • Build the community we'd like to be a part of

    We're bridging the divide between art, branding, design and technology to make digital products and services that are both memorable and usable.

    Our people
  • Bring brands and people together

    We’re focusing on making digital products and media that make the customers of our clients happy. Digital products that help people work better. Digital creative that inspires, educates, unites people.

    Our work
  • Cultivate a culture of creative professionalism

    We believe when you’re stoked for the work you do, the work is better. The clients are happy. And you get to do it all again the next day. We invest in creating a culture that encourages ownership.

    Our ethos

Investing in code and media for the long-term

We are contributing towards a future where makers and brands build deep and lasting partnerships

A mutually-beneficial model where brands connect more deeply with the people that believe in them, and creatives professionals deliver more work that they’re proud of

Experienced at thoroughly working through complex problems with copious amounts of data.

In a fast-paced environment, juggling multiple tasks, and various deadlines, Husam and his team successfully implemented solutions with clarity.

Husam and his team are reliable, hard-working and experienced at thoroughly working through complex problems with copious amounts of data.

Husam is a thoughtful problem-solver, a great colleague and collaborator.

It is a pleasure working with Husam and his team.

Angela Lin

Project Manager, Igicom

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