Posted on August 27, 2019 in Ideas

Make the culture. Love the work.

What is culture?

Only when you love where you work, can you love your work.

Culture is the invisible force shaping our work environments, work relationships and the work that we do.

You can see it in the smallest interactions with others. Gratitude for work complete, listening to understand, willingness to teach.

You can feel it in the office. The posters on the wall, the accessories on the desks, the energy of the conversations.

Where does culture come from?

Culture is shaped by the people in the team. Everyone’s contributing to it all the time.

We come into a team with our unique perspectives and worldviews. The interaction of one person’s worldview with another creates the spark that we know to be culture.

By being mindful of it, we can shape the culture so it supports a positive and productive work environment.

No, changing the culture’s not easy. But it’s worth a shot.

Think of your team’s culture as your team’s personality. For example, some teams are focused and intense. Others are lively and really communicative. Most are a blend of these two ends of the spectrum.

On shaping the culture

It starts simply with awareness. Start with this question:

  1. How would you describe your team’s personality?

Then reflect on what you love about this:

  1. What are the personality traits that I love?

And finally, reflect on your own contributions toward the personality traits that you love:

  1. What can I contribute to strengthen these?

A quote by Mahatma Ghandi really sums this up nicely:

“In a gentle way, you can shake the world”.

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