Driving Growth for a Start-up Transforming Live Events

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HEED is an Internet-of-Things start-up that’s transforming live events. Powered by venue and audience data, HEED uses IoT sensors to add a whole new dimension to the fan experience with fully automated and tailored content and video.

Their business centered on HEED Mobile, their direct-to-consumer mobile app. We worked with HEED to help elevate the platform’s awareness and visibility, and drive Mobile downloads and engage fans.

What we did

  • Product strategy and planning
  • User experience design
  • Visual design
  • Functional specifications documentation
  • Cross-functional collaboration



Downloads 6 months after launch


Increased customer satisfaction

At HEED, With Pulp helped plan and design a new kind of social experience for mobile. This created buzz for HEED and was a key driver in app downloads and fan engagement.

Victor Gonzalez

Director of Design, Roar Digital

A Unique Social Experience

HEED’s market research showed that basketball-related challenges regularly go viral on social media. This spawned an idea for a unique social experience, Measure Up.

We worked with HEED's Product Management and Design teams to author the MVP roadmap and sketch some ideas. We designed the wireframes and wrote functional specifications for the development team.

Heed Mobile Showcase 1

Heed Mobile Showcase 2

A Single HEED Mobile

The goal of Measure Up was to drive more fans to engage in the app, and share it with others. One design hurdle was weaving Measure Up into the existing HEED architecture. As watching live events was the primary engagement KPI, we turned to Live Events to help us keep the HEED experience cohesive.

During a pre-game show, a host would introduce the challenge for the week. A link to the Challenge Detail screen would be deployed during the pre-game show. Fans that tuned into the pre-game show would have a head start to perform the Measure Up challenges. A trivia game was added where fans could answer in real-time and see how they compared to others. This sparked conversation during pre-game and boosted engagement for the pre-game show.

heed 2a

heed 2b

heed 2c

Borrowing from the Most Engaging Media

As the primary goal of Measure Up was to drive engagement, we turned to the most engaging forms of media for help: Video games.

A weekly leaderboard was added to Measure Up to incentivize fans to submit their best work. A trophy case was added to incentivize users to chat, share and return.

The more that fans engaged with the app — whether by watching live events, discovering new sections of the app or chatting — the higher their chances of winning items that augment their experience. This included things like player cards, custom emojis, one-of-a-kind graphics. Fans would be able to use these items in their user-generated content and share them with other fans in chat.

heed 3a

heed 3b

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