The origin story of the studio

The Unifying Idea

What if you could make stuff that you’re proud of, with people that you love, from anywhere in the world?

Back then...

At the time, we were a team of 3. Each of us was well into our full-time coding and marketing jobs. The company was cool, the work was great. In a lot of ways we had our dream careers.

See we’d each been making stuff since we were kids. Poetry. Illustrations. Stop motion videos.

And when the three of us met met in middle school, we made stuff together. Comics. Adobe Flash Cartoons (shoutout to Newgrounds). Websites (shoutouts to Angelfire and Geocities).

But these weren’t career paths. Or so we were told.

Like a lot of kids growing up during those years, our parents warned us not to spend too much time on these trivialities. Art was too competitive. Creativity was for losers. Artists were broke.

They advised us to go into more practical professions. And as far as they were concerned that meant 2 things: Medicine and Law.

And so when we stumbled into our careers, we were really grateful. Opportunities were plentiful. Creatives were heroes. And the money was good.

And yet, something didn’t feel right. When we’d come together to chill, our energy was low. The work was draining.

But then...

The more we reflected on our jobs, the more we saw the downsides of working for others.

Lack of equity. Limited creative freedom. A strict 9-5. More emphasis on showing up than getting stuff done. Long, unreliable commutes (we love you NYC MTA but just being honest).

Essentially, the best part of the job -- the making -- was shrouded in policy or waiting time. More time was spent on busy work and less time was spent in flow.

It was in 2011 when the three of us first came together. What can we offer? What would it look like? What do we call ourselves?

A digital agency made the most sense. We had the key ingredients: Experience in the industry. Vision for how things could be different. A love for quality.

For the first few years, it was only a side hustle. No name. No tax ID. Just three friends trying stuff out. Mostly making brand identities and websites.

In 2014, the dream became more real. We landed our first dream client AMC Networks. And we got a name we could agree upon: With Pulp.

And now...

Fast-forward to the time of this writing*, we’re now just Pulp. A group of 12 creative professionals across the US, Europe and Canada. Still small, but by design.

We’re cultivating a community of creatives that enjoy working together and producing high quality work.

The mission continues: Make stuff you’re proud of, with people that you love, from anywhere in the world.

*Published: 10/29/2019