Get to know the With Pulp team

  • Brooke Heaton

    Brooke Heaton is a seasoned Drupal Architect who has helped non-profit organizations and businesses create elegant web solutions for over a decade. A born Midwesterner, Brooke traveled extensively throughout Europe, lived in DC and transplanted himself to the Blue Ridge Mountains where he fulfills love of craft beer, hiking and music. When he is not helping maintain contributed Drupal modules or engineering enterprise web solutions for clients, he enjoys spending time with family, his pellet smoker, his garden and his 8 speed internal hub road bike.

  • Damir Vazgird

    Damir is often mistaken for Quentin Tarantino or Jay Leno. The latter pisses him off. When he’s not angry, he makes progressive user interfaces using cutting-edge JavaScript.

  • Dimitris Spachos

    Full-time software engineer and Drupal addict. Apple fanboy. Dimitris worked mainly in EU funded projects, developing state-of-the-art software solutions. His biggest achievement is when he designed, developed and migrated a whole bunch of web apps & services from WP to Drupal, for a university with 40K students and stuff. He's more than happy when working on Drupal based projects, but he can also pretend enthusiasm for other technologies too. His dream is to develop a Drupal distribution, called "42", which will be the answer to every software need imaginable.

  • Husam Machlovi

    Husam’s middle name is “get-things-done”. He started his career helping Fortune 100 brands envision, plan and roll-out digital products, services and campaigns. Now he spends most of his time pressing buttons and pulling levers. It’s not easy work (or so he says).

  • Isam Machlovi, Rest in Peace, 1986-2019

    “There he goes. One of God's own prototypes. A high-powered mutant of some kind never even considered for mass production. Too weird to live, and too rare to die.” - Hunter S. Thompson

  • Javits Arias

    Javits is a technical project manager by day and eSports nerd by night. He's an ex-competitive eSports athlete that now does eSports commentary. He has a passion for event management and technical project management.

  • Marika Mikeli

    If Marika was a superhero she’d choose to have a power of creation. Currently, she practices creating simple and useful designs for people by being a Product Designer. Seems she’s a superhero after all.

  • Mark Chang

    Mark studied Media at Queen's College. He has AC, DP, and Director experience through commercials, documentaries, and movies.

  • Samuel Ferri

    Sam is not trying to brag or anything, but he wouldn’t mind letting you to know that he is a proud, carbon-based lifeform, existing primarily on planet Earth in the solar system during the 21st century. No biggie. Just sayin’. On a lesser note, he is also an experienced designer, illustrator and animator for a broad range of clients and publications that have included MAD Magazine, The NY Observer, Time Out, A&E Biography, Jack Daniel’s and other corners of the universe.

  • Sara Ledra

    Sara is a creative brand strategist and a trained interior designer with more than 10 years of experience. She specializes in experiential design — bridging the gap between reality and digital experiences. Her ultimate goal is for people to experience the essence of the brand at every touchpoint of their interaction, believing this is the ultimate way to foster a good relationship.

  • Yuri Seki

    Since at the age of 11, when he asked for a Nintendo and received a second-handed Z81 clone instead he didn't know the impact it would have in his life. From that day on his passion for development grows on a daily bases which directed him to the Computer Science degree and to dedicate all his professional life to the art of communication between humans and computers. When asked, he tells he is a writer, happens that his pieces are not that appreciated by humans beings as they are by computers.