Covenant House

Spoiler AlertThis is a story about friends channeling their lifelong dream of fighting homelessness by partnering with an organization at the forefront of the cause.

The Beginning

Covenant House offers housing and support services to homeless youth across six countries and thirty-one cities. Since opening their doors in 1972, they have saved more than one-million homeless, runaway and trafficked boys and girls.

We learned from one of our close agency partners that Covenant House was seeking a technical partner to enhance and maintain their websites.

The timing couldn’t have been more right actually. Internally, we’d chat about how we’d like to use our passion for tech for more socially good purposes. And fighting poverty and homelessness has been a shared dream of ours. This may have been the universe working it’s magic. And we embraced it’s graces.

The Work (so far)

We have delivered site enhancements that have increased donations and improved usability for content authors and donors.

In Brief
  • Platform:

    Drupal 8

  • Content:
    • Re-designed navigation and menu
    • More than 16 custom content types
    • Donation Form improvements
  • Key Integrations:
    • Webform
    • Redis
    • Metatag
    • Views Infinite Scroll
  • Custom Modules:
    • Geo-IP Modal
    • Customizable Content Modals
    • RSVP Forms
    • Newsletter Subscription Forms
    • Thank you pages
    • Payflow/Paypal Dontation Forms

The menu was designed for mobile devices first and keeps the ‘Donate Now’ button visible.

Covenant House Mobile and Tablet Menu by With Pulp

The nav hides on scroll down and appears again on scroll up. This improves usability for visitors as there are less elements on screen when reading, and the nav re-appears when needed again.

Covenant House Desktop Menu by With Pulp


Covenant House deploys many advocacy campaigns to raise awareness about child homelessness and trafficking. We made custom campaign content types that let the marketing team create campaigns efficiently. This has been very well received as it has expedited launch time for SEM and Social Media Campaigns.

Dear Senator McConell

The Dear Senator Mcconnell campaign aimed to raise awareness about the Stop Enabling Sex Traffickers Act. It garnered thousands of supporters.

Covenant House Dear Senator McConell Campaign by With Pulp

User Research

To better understand current and prospective donors, we launched a mobile-first survey with a progress indicator.

Covenant House User Research Campaign by With Pulp

Creative Flexibility

Donation Forms

Donation forms can be customized to complement their corresponding campaigns. This includes headers, images, body copy, fields and thank you pages.

Covenant House Donation Forms for Mobile by With Pulp

Covenant House Donation Forms by With Pulp

Form Templates
Flexible Modals

Admins needed a way to create responsive modals and be able to style them.

We built flexible modals that allow admins to edit HTML and CSS. Modal behavior is also customizable: Page, frequency.

Covenant House Match My Gift Modal by With Pulp

Covenant House Save Homeless Child Modal by With Pulp

GeoIP Modals
CSS/JS Asset Injection

We gave admins the ability to inject CSS and JS from the CMS. This let them make iterative updates to campaigns easily.

What Now?

The Work Continues

We are grateful to be on this journey with Covenant House.

We’ll check in here soon with an update. Thanks for reading.

  • drupal 8
  • dontation forms
  • paypal integration
  • payflow processing
  • rsvp forms
  • newsletter module
  • webform module
  • redis module
  • metadata module
  • menu redesign