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WWE isn’t just a leader in the global entertainment space. They’re also a dominant player in the streaming world with their 24x7 streaming service, the WWE Network.

The WWE Network exploded in popularity within it's first year. When it launched in 2014, it opened to about 500,000 subscribers. When we were brought on board in 2015, the Network had 1.25 million subscribers and was available on more than 8 devices.

We worked with WWE to elevate the user experience of the Network across all 8 devices. This included improving usability, and unifying the experience on Web, Mobile, Smart TVs and Gaming Consoles.

What we did

  • Product strategy and roadmapping
  • Information architecture
  • User experience design
  • Heuristic evaluations
  • Usability testing
  • Prototyping
  • Visual design



Epics designed and released including Post-Play, Superstars, Media Player, Chromecast, Navigation, Search and more


Unified streaming experience across 8 devices


More subscribers 6 months after launch

With Pulp gets product design. At WWE, they helped us take the user experience design of the WWE Network to the next level for millions of people worldwide.

Victor Gonzalez

Director of Design, Roar Digital

A unified, elegant streaming experience

Across every device, the WWE Network had a very different experience. This resulted in a frustrated experience for new and existing subscribers, and increased maintenance cost for the WWE product development team. Our goal was to design a unified experience that made fans happier and was easier to maintain.

First, we distilled the Network down it's core components. We worked with Product to groom the elements that made up these components. Only the elements that that were crucial to the fan experience made the cut. These elements formed a new set of UI components.

We designed a map that defined the relationships between all the new components, and a matrix that detailed all the UX constraints by device. This system of components and constraints helped inform the experience across all devices.

Immediately, navigating, sorting and filtering WWE pay-per-views and shows became easier to use and more elegant. The playback experience evolved into a place where fans could discover and jump to related content. The biggest benefit of the design system is that it equipped the product team with a succinct vocabulary for discussing future product enhancements.

WWE Mobile Showcase 1

WWE Mobile Showcase 2

Modeling the WWE Fan Experience

A driving goal for the re-design was to more closely model the WWE fan experience. Through user research and heuristic evaluations, we designed several new features that are now central to the WWE Network:

  • Postplay so fans could continue to watch their favorite shows automatically
  • Superstars so fans could discover content that features their favorite wrestlers
  • Milestones so users can discover their favorite matches
  • Match types so users can filter on their favorite kinds of matches
  • Playlists so users can create watchlists and share them with other fans

WWE Wireframes 1

WWE Wireframes 2

WWE Wireframes 3

Enhancing the User Experience for Current Subscribers

In parallel to the redesign of the WWE Network, we helped improve the existing Network experience. Across Web, Mobile, Apple TV, Roku, Playstation, Xbox and more, we audited the user experience and interface of the Network to identify ways to improve usability and accessibility, and to add more delight.

This resulted in:

  • An enhanced onboarding experience
  • A Chromecast integration
  • Improved navigation
  • A more user-friendly unsubscribe flow
  • Deep-linking so users could jump directly into live or new programs
  • Improved landing pages and call-to-actions
  • Visual design enhancements to modernize the experience

WWE App Map

WWE Navigation

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